About Me

I started out timekeeping in December of 1978 at the old Bay Park Tarmac circuit. Back then, we were only using windup stop watches. Since then, I have been developing my own timekeeping system for 39 years, capturing more than 1.6 million laps for 34 clubs, covering 670+ race meetings so far.



About The System

The system is manually operated, and has found its own niche, suitable for all the smaller clubs where cost is a consideration. It is totally portable and just needs power and a good view of the start/finish line.

When compared to transponder systems we have found that the difference in times is normally only a few hundreds of a second different. For endurance races I often need to run my system alongside a transponder system as they are completely separate and capture the data in different ways. e.g. one time a car slid past the control line on the grass, missing the transponder loop, not registering the lap, where we picked it up on my system as we are visually registering the laps and times.

My system has been used at:


just a HUGE thanks to you - amazing service and hugely appreciated.


I Would like to personally thank you for a well done professional job you do.   Thank you.


Congrats on a great job keeping up with all the races and having the results out so quickly (and brilliant they are available on line so quickly), can't be easy with manual timing.


Particularly like the graphic of lap positions during race


Well done. The site looks great - very practical.


I have been using your data to monitor the development of my bike for years. I really appreciate the time and effort you have put in here. To be frank I think you do a better job at real time results than the Manx GP ! Thanks very much.

John A

Many thanks. Great to have access to such fast updated, personalised timing today at Manfeild which I shared with crews and drivers. Added much to being there.