3 - 4 October 2020

NZ Classic Motorcycle Racing Register

Taupo Motorsport Park

Race 15

GP1: 351-500 PRE '63 CLUB, MOD, FACT AND CL70

Date: Saturday, 3rd October, 2020Time: 02:42pmWeather: High cloud, no breeze, cool, track dry.
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Pos.No.NameMake of VehicleYR/CCs/CLASS LapsTotal TimeBest TimeDiff.
1ST41ROGAN CHANDLERNORTON MANX1962 500 CL5 45m21.471m18.43+0.00s
2ND28DAVID HALLDOMINATOR 881962 M5 45m22.231m18.85+0.76s
3RD24ZURRAN WIKIAEMACCHI ALA D'ORA1974 382 CL5 45m31.881m20.15+10.41s
4TH999TIM BEATSONSUZUKI T5001969 500 CL5 45m42.801m22.37+21.33s
5TH331PETER SMITHSUZUKI T5001970 500 CL5 45m44.671m24.40+23.20s
6TH131JOHN CARTERSEELEY SUZUKI T5001972 500 CL5 45m45.361m24.42+23.89s
7TH101COLIN TATENORTON MANX1962 499 F5 45m49.611m25.83+28.14s
8TH86GREG NICHOLSONNORTON DOMINATOR1959 500 C5 45m49.701m23.91+28.23s
9TH23BRIAN BROOKSBSA GOLD STAR1956 500 C5 45m52.781m26.32+31.31s
10TH191KOB HAIRTRIUMPH T100C TM1969 500 CL5 45m53.761m26.05+32.29s
11TH233MIKE BECKBSA GOLDSTAR1955 500 C5 46m00.111m27.94+38.64s
12TH172SHELDON REYNOLDSHONDA CB500/41970 500 CL5 46m05.801m29.13+44.33s
13TH199RUSSELL FORRESTHONDA CB450 K41971 450 CL5 46m13.621m31.60+52.15s
14TH181CARL STANLEYNORTON FEATHERBED1960 500 M5 46m15.041m29.29+53.57s
15TH185JOHNNY STEVENSDUCATI1969 450 CL5 46m21.281m32.66+59.81s
16TH22ROGER BOURNENORTON MANX1963 500 F5 46m27.451m34.06+65.98s
17TH54PATRICK DUDDYTRIUMPH TIGER 1001951 500 C5 46m29.461m35.27+67.99s
18TH59RUSSELL RONALDVELOCETTE VENOM1956 500 C5 46m29.951m34.79+68.48s
19TH285TROY DE RAATHONDA CB500T1975 498 CL5 46m34.601m35.04+73.13s
20TH295STEVE JAYTRIUMPH 5TA1960 500 M5 46m34.911m36.18+73.44s
21ST204MELISSA TATETRITON T1001961 500 M5 46m38.601m35.69+77.13s
22ND163ANDREW KIDDNORTON MANX 30M1962 500 F5 46m46.601m38.79+85.13s
23RD26MIKE SHARPNORTON DOMIRACER1962 500 F5 47m00.681m42.53+99.21s
91GREG PAWSONTRIUMPH T100C TM1969 500 CL5 Did Not Race
261BRETT WALKER-HOLTBENELLI 2501975 500 CL5 Did Not Race
278MIKE ROSSBSA B50MX1972 500 CL5 Did Not Race
658LISA BROWNMATCHLESS G801952 498 C5 Did Not Race
813JOHN FLIGHT.BSA B331950 500 C5 Did Not Race