Frequently Asked Questions

Can I redistribute the results located within this website?

In a word, yes. You may download, print and redistribute the results as you please. The only requirement is that the results must not be sold.


How long does it take to get results out, after each race?

Normally a minute or two. Any discrepencies can be picked up during the race, but a quick check of the graph of laptimes after the race, verifies the times are correct. Then the reports can be printed and uploaded.


How accurate are the manual times over the line?

When compared to transponder systems, we can be within a few of hundreds of a second. I also run a video camera on the start/finish line, to capture close finishes, or verify laptimes.


How are you able to time a full class of cars manually, with only two people?

One person presses the button as each car crosses the line, while a second person types in the number on the car/motorbike. I can enter 140 cars per minute, or more in short bursts. The computer matches the input and calculates positions, laps, laptimes, best laps etc.


Does your system use the well-known transponders in the cars?

No, I have been developing my system since 1991, before transponders, and I haven't had the need to swap over to a transponder system as there are a lot of smaller clubs running that don't want the expense and hassle of running a transponder system.