1 - 2 February 2020

NZ Classic Motorcycle Racing Register

Pukekohe Park Raceway

Race 50


Date: Sunday, 2nd February, 2020Time: 04:54pmWeather: Sunny, some cloud, light breeze, warm, track dry.
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No.NameMake of VehicleAverage Fastest Slowest Laps
881m42.14 1m41.58 1m42.46 0.88 3
100MATT CROSS BSA B29 SS 1m51.69 1m51.31 1m52.30 3
78TREVOR HACKETT VINCENT RAPIDE 1m49.61 1m48.95 1m50.37 3
180STEWART McPHERSON DUCATI NCR900 1m31.87 1m30.98 1m32.59 3
194MARTIN LONGDEN BENELLI 250 2C 1m50.72 1m49.67 1m51.96 3



The first standing lap, is not included.