5 - 6 October 2019

NZ Classic Motorcycle Racing Register

Taupo Motorsport Park

Race 29


Date: Sunday, 6th October, 2019Time: 11:16amWeather: Cloudy, some sun, cool, track dry.
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Pos.No.NameMake of VehicleYR/CCs/CLASS LapsTotal TimeBest TimeDiff.
1ST41ROGAN CHANDLERNORTON MANX1962 500 CL5 45m24.511m18.34+0.00s
2ND24ZURRAN WIKIAEMACCHI ALA D'ORA1974 382 CL5 45m27.971m19.86+3.46s
3RD42NICK WORTHINGTONNORTON MANX1960 500 F5 45m41.731m23.60+17.22s
4TH999TIM BEATSONSUZUKI T5001969 500 CL5 45m41.901m22.94+17.39s
5TH101COLIN TATENORTON MANX1962 499 F5 45m48.411m25.16+23.90s
6TH23BRIAN BROOKSBSA GOLD STAR1956 500 C5 45m48.841m25.27+24.33s
7TH331PETER SMITHSUZUKI TR5001970 500 CL5 45m54.791m25.54+30.28s
8TH278MIKE ROSSBSA V50MX1972 500 CL5 45m56.541m27.28+32.03s
9TH233MIKE BECKBSA GOLDSTAR1955 500 C5 46m07.071m28.60+42.56s
10TH191KOB HAIRTRIUMPH T100C TM1969 500 CL5 46m07.161m28.19+42.65s
11TH172SHELDON REYNOLDSHONDA CB500/41970 500 CL5 46m10.951m29.99+46.44s
12TH115IAN SHINGLETONBSA GOLD STAR1955 500 M5 46m26.151m34.20+61.64s
13TH308BRUCE FRASERJABS 11961 500 M5 46m30.281m33.43+65.77s
14TH285TROY DE RAATHONDA CB500T1975 498 CL5 46m31.741m34.81+67.23s
15TH199RUSSELL FORRESTHONDA CB450 K41971 450 CL5 46m32.161m34.77+67.65s
16TH162PETER HANSENTRIUMPH T100C1955 500 C5 46m35.071m35.88+70.56s
17TH26MIKE SHARPNORTON DOMIRACER1962 500 F5 46m47.701m38.73+83.19s
18TH258ANDREW CHAMPIONMATCHLESS G801952 498 C5 46m52.541m39.40+88.03s
19TH204MELISSA TATETRITON T1001961 500 M5 46m53.511m33.19+89.00s
185JOHNNY STEVENSDUCATI1969 450 CL5 Did Not Race
295STEVE JAYMATCHLESS G80S1952 500 C5 Did Not Race
299SIMON JACKSONHONDA CB4501971 450 CL5 Did Not Race