14 - 15 November 2020

MG Classic Motor Racing

Manfeild Autocourse

Practice 11


Date: Saturday, 14th November, 2020Time: 10:18amWeather: Cloudy, light breeze, cool, track dry.
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Pos.No.NameMake of VehicleYEAR / CCs LapsTotal TimeBest TimeDiff.
1ST22MICHAEL COLLINSLOLA GM11972 5000 89m30.051m02.90+0.00s
2ND30KEVIN INGRAMLOLA T3321976 5000 912m43.351m04.22+1.32s
3RD91DAVID BANKSTALON MR1A1974 5000 1016m00.511m05.11+2.21s
4TH99GLENN RICHARDSLOLA T4001975 5000 1115m54.361m06.55+3.65s
5TH50CODIE BANKSLOLA T3321974 5000 1115m22.931m06.68+3.78s
6TH14RUSSELL GREERLOLA T3321973 5000 1215m09.471m07.90+5.00s
7TH96ANNA COLLINSMcRAE GM11972 5000 1215m13.711m07.97+5.07s
8TH7TONY ROBERTSMcLAREN M10A1969 5000 79m47.951m10.45+7.55s
9TH88TONY GALBRAITHLOLA 3321974 5000 1013m56.801m10.64+7.74s
10TH12FRANK KARLMcLAREN M10B1970 5000 1013m18.771m10.75+7.85s
11TH9TOBY ANNABELLMcLAREN M10B1970 5000 1014m11.621m13.82+10.92s
12TH20TIM RUSHMcLAREN M221972 5000 23m23.881m33.44+30.54s
33SHAYNE WINDELBURNLOLA T4001975 5000 Did Not Qualify