10 - 11 November 2018

MG Classic Motor Racing

Manfeild Autocourse

Practice 04


Date: Saturday, 10th November, 2018Time: 09:12amWeather: Overcast, no breeze, cool, track dry.
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Pos.No.NameMake of VehicleYEAR / CCs LapsTotal TimeBest TimeDiff.
1ST27TRISTAN TEKICHEVROLET CAMARO1969 8193 79m59.371m11.62+0.00s
2ND52JOHN HEPBURNHOLDEN MONARO1972 6200 79m27.181m13.18+1.56s
3RD31ALAN PEARCEHOLDEN COMMODORE1982 5500 68m31.601m13.89+2.27s
4TH377KEN LUPTONFORD MUSTANG1964 4705 69m26.411m16.12+4.50s
5TH62GARY MCKELVIEHOLDEN HT MONARO1969 3580 69m18.781m16.32+4.70s
6TH46GREG DONALDSONHOLDEN COMMODORE9821 5700 710m35.231m16.51+4.89s
7TH17GREG CUTTANCEFORD FALCON XE1982 6555 69m25.411m16.93+5.31s
8TH15TONY BARRFORD MUSTANG1970 6800 58m19.501m17.01+5.39s
9TH11CALVIN ANDREWHOLDEN COMMODORE1979 5800 58m51.591m17.71+6.09s
10TH21STEVE HILDREDHOLDEN MONARO1969 6000 47m29.091m18.11+6.49s
11TH351DARRYL LUCASFORD FALCON XA GT1972 5800 69m54.481m18.30+6.68s
12TH95PHILIP HOFFMANSHELBY MUSTANG GT3501966 4700 57m45.081m18.45+6.83s
13TH796RICHARD RAMSONFORD MUSTANG COBRA1996 6400 58m30.871m18.70+7.08s
14TH55GREIG RUNNINGCOMMODORE VK SS GP31984 5700 69m19.091m18.76+7.14s
15TH35MICHAEL EDENCHEVROLET CAN-AM1975 5000 68m46.881m18.89+7.27s
16TH38PAUL BURNETHOLDEN TORANA GTR1972 3310 68m41.761m19.18+7.56s
17TH233TOM LANCASTERFORD CAPRI PERANA1970 5000 69m26.711m21.12+9.50s
18TH181RON FINDLAYCAPRI PERANA REPLICA1971 5700 710m25.921m21.40+9.78s
19TH208ROSS FRANCISFORD FALCON XT GT1968 5000 47m26.831m25.24+13.62s
20TH622TONY BARROWHOLDEN COMMODORE1985 5000 36m07.291m29.44+17.82s
177CHRIS ANDERSONFORD MUSTANG1979 4700 Did Not Qualify